Lead Investigator Bio

Alberts Laboratory
Arthur Alberts, Ph.D.
Professor, Program in Molecular Oncology and Pre-Clinical Therapeutics, Center for Cancer and Cell Biology

Areas of expertise: Cell biology, signal transduction, diaphanous-related formins


Dr. Alberts earned degrees in Biochemistry and Cell Biology (B.A., 1987) and Physiology and Pharmacology (Ph.D., 1993) from the University of California, San Diego under the mentorship of Dr. James Feramisco. From 1994 to 1997, he was as a Howard Hughes Medical Institute International postdoctoral fellow in Dr. Richard Treisman’s Transcription Laboratory at the Imperial Cancer Research Fund, Lincoln’s Inn Fields (now the London Research Institute–Cancer Research UK). From 1998 to 1999, he was the Carol Franc Buck Fellow in Dr. Frank McCormick’s laboratory at the University of California, San Francisco Cancer Research Institute. Dr. Alberts joined Van Andel Institute as a Scientific Investigator in January 2000. He was promoted to Senior Scientific Investigator in 2006 and then to Distinguished Scientific Investigator and Professor of Cancer and Cell Biology in 2009. Dr. Alberts also is an adjunct professor in Michigan State University’s Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, and the Department of Translational Sciences and Molecular Medicine in the MSU College of Human Medicine.

Please direct questions about Dr. Alberts’ scientific projects to Dr. Bart Williams.