Alberts Laboratory

Selected Publications

Thiam HR, Vargas P, Carpi N, Crespo CL, Raab M, Terriac E, King MC, Jacobelli J, Alberts AS, Stradal T, Lennon-Duménil AM, Piel Matthew. In press. Perinuclear Arp2/3-driven actin polymerization enables nuclear deformation to facilitate cell migration through complex environments. Nat Commun. PubMed          Article

Vargas P, Maiuri P, Bretou M, Sáez PJ, Pierobon P, Maurin M, Chabaud M, Lankar D, Obino D, Terriac E, Raab M, Thiam HR, Brocker T, Kitchen-Goosen SM, Alberts AS, Sunareni P, Xia S, Li R, Voituriez R, Piel M, Lennon-Duménil AM. 2016. Innate control of actin nucleation determines two distinct migration behaviours in dendritic cells. Nat Cell Biol 18(1):43–53.        PubMed           Article
*Featured in Science Magazine

Arden JD, Lavik KI, Rubinic KA, Chiaia N, Khuder SA, Howard MJ, Nestor-Kalinoski AL, Alberts AS, Eisenmann KM. 2015. Small molecule agonists of mammalian Diaphanous-related (mDia) formins reveal an effective glioblastoma anti-invasion strategy. Mol Biol Cell 26(21):3704–7318.     PubMed

Gulhan Ercan-Sencicek A, Jambi S, Franjic D, Nishimura S, Li M, El-Fishawy P, Morgan TM, Sanders SJ, Bilguvar K, Suri M, Johnson MH, Gupta AR, Yuksel Z, Mane S, Grigorenko E, Picciotto M, Alberts AS, Gunel M, Sestan N, State MW. 2015. Homozygous loss of DIAPH1 is a novel cause of microcephaly in humans. Euro J Human Genet  23(2):165-172.      PubMed     Article

Pan J, Lordier L, Meyran D, Rameau P, Lecluse Y, Kitchen-Goosen S, Badirou I, Mokrani H, Narumiya S, Alberts AS, Vainchenker W, Chang Y. 2014. The formin DIAPH1 (mDia1) regulates megakaryocyte proplatelet formation by remodeling the actin and microtubule cytoskeletons. Blood 124(26):3967-3977.   PubMed     Article

Kher SS, Struckhoff AP, Alberts AS, Worthylake RA. 2014. A novel role for p115RhoGEF in regulation of epithelial plasticity. PLoS One 9(1): e85409.     PubMed     Article

Dong B, Zhang SS, Gao W, Su H, Chen J, Jin F, Bhargava A, Chen X, Jorgensen L, Alberts AS, Zhang J, Siminovitch KA. 2013. Mammalian diaphanous-related formin 1 regulates GSK3β-dependent microtubule dynamics required for T cell migratory polarization. PLoS One 8(11):e80500.     PubMed     Article

Lash LL, Wallar BJ, Turner JD, Vroegop SM, Kilkuskie RE, Kitchen-Goosen SM, Xu HE, Alberts AS. 2013. Small-molecule intramimics of formin autoinhibition: a new strategy to target the cytoskeletal remodeling machinery in cancer cells. Cancer Res 73(22):6793-6803.     PubMed     Article
*Featured on the cover of Cancer Research

Touré F, Fritz G, Li Q, Rai V, Daffu G, Zou YS, Rosario R, Ramasamy R, Alberts AS, Yan SF, Schmidt AM. 2012. Formin mDia1 mediates vascular remodeling via integration of oxidative and signal transduction pathways. Circ Res 110(10)1279-1293.     PubMed     Article

Alberts AS, Way M. 2011. Actin motility: Formin a SCAry Tail. Curr Biol 21(1): R27-R30.     PubMed     Article

Thomas SG, Calaminus SD, Machesky LM, Alberts AS, Watson SP. 2011. G-protein coupled and ITAM receptor regulation of the formin FHOD1 through Rho Kinase in platelets. J Thromb Haemost 9(8):1648-1651     PubMed     Article

Alberts AS. 2010. Formins: dangling plot threads in a multi-act performance. Biochim Biophys Acta 1803(2):151.     PubMed     Article

Deward AD, Eisenmann KM, Matheson SF, Alberts AS. 2010. The role of formins in human disease. Biochim Biophys Acta 1803(2):226–233.     PubMed     Article

DeWard AD, Alberts AS. 2009. Ubiquitin-mediated degradation of the formin mDia2 upon completion of cell division. J Biol Chem 284(30):20061-20069.     PubMed     Article

DeWard AD, Leali K, West R, Prendergast GC, Alberts AS. 2009. Loss of RhoB expression enhances the myelodysplastic phenotype of mammalian diaphanous-related formin mDia1 knockout mice. PLoS One 4(9): e7102.     PubMed     Article 

Eisenmann KM, Dykema KJ, Matheson SF, Kent NF, DeWard AD, West RA, Furge KA, Alberts AS. 2009. 5q- Myelodysplastic syndromes: chromosome 5q genes direct a tumor suppression network sensing actin dynamics. Oncogene 28(39): 3429-3441.     PubMed     Article

Shi Y, Zhang J, Mullin M, Dong B, Alberts AS, Siminovitch KA. 2009. The mDial formin is required for neutrophil polarization, migration, and activation of the LARG/RhoA/ROCK signaling axis during chemotaxis. J Immunol 182(6): 3837-3845.     PubMed     Article

Sarmiento C, Wang W, Dovas A, Yamaguchi H, Sidani M, El-Sibai M, Desmarais V, Holman HA, Kitchen S, Backer JM, Alberts AS, Condeelis J. 2008. WASP family members and formin proteins coordinate regulation of cell protrusions in carcinoma cells. J Cell Biol 180(6):1245-1260.    PubMed     Article

Deward AD, AS Alberts. 2008. Microtubule stabilization: formins assert their independence. Curr Biol 18(14):R605-R608.     PubMed     Article

Dent EW, Kwiatkowski AV, Mebane LM, Philippar U, Barzik M, Rubinson DA, Gupton S, Van Veen JE, Furman C, Zhang J, Alberts AS, Mori S, Gertler FB. 2007. Filopodia are required for cortical neurite initiation. Nat Cell Biol 9(12):1347-1359.     PubMed     Article

Eisenmann KM, Harris ES, Kitchen SM, Holman HA, Higgs HN, Alberts AS. 2007. Dia-interacting protein modulates formin-mediated actin assembly at the cell cortex. Curr Biol 17(7): 579-591.     PubMed     Article

Eisenmann KM, West RA, Hildebrand D, Kitchen SM, Peng J, Sigler R, Zhang J, Siminovitch KA, Alberts AS. 2007. T cell responses in mammalian diaphanous-related formin mDia1 knock-out mice. J Biol Chem 282(34): 25152-25158.     PubMed     Article

Gupton SL, Eisenmann KM, Alberts AS, Waterman-Storer CM. 2007. mDia2 regulates actin and focal adhesion dynamics and organization in the lamella for efficient epithelial cell migration. J Cell Sci 120(Pt 19): 3475-3487.     PubMed      Article  

Kamasani U, DuHadaway JB, Alberts AS, Prendergast GC. 2007. mDia function is critical for the cell suicide program triggered by farnesyl transferase inhibition. Cancer Biol Ther 6(9):1422–1427.     PubMed     Article

Peng J, Kitchen SM, West RA, Sigler R, Eisenmann KM, Alberts AS. 2007. Myeloproliferative defects following targeting of the Drf1 gene encoding the mammalian diaphanous–related formin mDia1. Cancer Res 67(16):7565-7571.     PubMed     Article    
*Featured in Nature

Wallar BJ, DeWard AD, Resau JH, Alberts AS. 2007. RhoB and the mammalian Diaphanous-related formin mDia2 in endosome trafficking. Exp Cell Res 313(3): 560-571.     PubMed     Article

Wallar BJ, Stropich BN, Schoenherr JA, Holman HA, Kitchen SM, Alberts AS. 2006. The basic region of the diaphanous-autoregulatory domain (DAD) is required for autoregulatory interactions with the Diaphanous-related formin inhibitory domain. J Biol Chem 281(7):4300–4307.     PubMed     Article

Alberts AS, Qin H, Carr HS, Frost JA. 2005. PAK1 negatively regulates the activity of the Rho exchange factor NET1. J Biol Chem 280(13): 12152-12161.     PubMed     Article

Colucci-Guyon E, Niedergang F, Wallar BJ, Peng J, Alberts AS, Chavrier P. 2005. A role for mammalian diaphanous-related formins in complement receptor (CR3)-mediated phagocytosis in macrophages. Curr Biol 15(22): 2007-2012.     PubMed     Article

Wen Y, Eng CH, Schmoranzer J, Cabrera-Poch N, Morris EJ, Chen M, Wallar BJ, Alberts AS, Gundersen GG. 2004. EB1 and APC bind to mDia to stabilize microtubules downstream of Rho and promote cell migration. Nat Cell Biol 6(9): 820–830.     PubMed     Article

Peng J, Wallar BJ, Flanders A, Swiatek PJ, Alberts AS. 2003. Disruption of the Diaphanous-related formin Drf1 gene encoding mDia1 reveals a role for Drf3 as an effector for Cdc42. Curr Biol 13(7): 534-545.     PubMed     Article    
*Featured in Current Biology

Wallar BJ, Alberts AS. 2003. The formins: active scaffolds that remodel the cytoskeleton. Trends Cell Biol 13(8):435-446.     PubMed     Article

Alberts AS. 2002. Diaphanous-related formin homology proteins. Curr Biol 12(23): R796.    PubMed     Article  

Alberts AS. 2001. Identification of a carboxyl-terminal diaphanous-related formin homology protein autoregulatory domain. J Biol Chem 276(4):2824-2830.     PubMed     Article

Palazzo AF, Cook TA, Alberts AS, Gundersen GG. 2001. mDia mediates Rho-regulated formation and orientation of stable microtubules. Nat Cell Biol 3(8): 723–729.     PubMed     Article

Tominaga T, Sahai E, Chardin P, McCormick F, Courtneidge SA, Alberts AS. 2000. Diaphanous-related formins bridge Rho GTPase and Src tyrosine kinase signaling. Mol Cell 5(1):13-25.     PubMed     Article

Fackler OT, Luo W, Geyer M, Alberts AS, Peterlin BM. 1999. Activation of Vav by Nef induces cytoskeletal rearrangements and downstream effector functions. Mol Cell 3(6):729-739.     PubMed      Article

Alberts AS, Bouquin N, Johnston LH, Treisman R. 1998. Analysis of RhoA-binding proteins reveals an interaction domain conserved in heterotrimeric G protein beta subunits and the yeast response regulator protein Skn7. J Biol Chem 273(15): 8616-8622.    PubMed     Article

Alberts AS, Geneste O, Treisman R. 1998. Activation of SRF-regulated chromosomal templates by Rho-family GTPases requires a signal that also induces H4 hyperacetylation. Cell 92(4):475-487.     PubMed     Article

Alberts AS, Treisman R. 1998. Activation of RhoA and SAPK/JNK signaling pathways by the RhoA-specific exchange factor mNET1. EMBO J. 17(14):4075-4085.     PubMed     Article

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Barshop BA, Alberts AS, Gruber HE. 1989. Kinetic studies of mutant human adenylosuccinase. Biochim Biophys Acta 999(1):19-23.     PubMed     Article